What are Guinea?  In the video below, are our original nine.












Ode to Joan of Arc
November 1, 2020

Wow, with YAYOL being launched to introduce positive editorials, I truly regret this first article.  This story about Joan of Arc, our Guinea, was supposed to be a happy unveiling of the new keets (baby Guinea) that we bought as companions for her.  But, instead, as I sit here writing about our beloved Joan, I’m angered and saddened, because she was killed this evening, by another stray dog that wondered on our property.

Just a week ago, I posted Joan’s story on Facebook, telling about the lone survivor of our Guinea.  The other eight were all killed in a wild dog attack in August.  I originally posted Joan’s story because we kept wondering why she constantly hung around our car, truck and boat, which seemed strange.  Two weeks ago, we finally figured it out.  She was lonely, and she saw her reflection in the tire rims, and thought it was another Guinea.

We have other chickens and ducks, but they won’t allow her to hang with them in their little clicks during the day, even though they all sleep in the coop together at night.  Our aha moment was, “She needs company!”

So, a few days ago we got three young Guinea (8-weeks) to be her companions.  As you’ll see in the photos, she was so glad to see them, and we were looking forward to when they no longer needed the heat lamps, and could frolic with her in the barn-yard.

Now, this article is serving as an Ode to our darling Joan.  Fittingly, when I posted about her last week, one of my fellow SheShed Sisters, Debbie Ferrell, wrote a poem about her, that I’m sharing with you here.

Though our darling Joan is no more, like her namesake, she will affectionately be remembered!

​The below would have been Joan's new companions: 

No matter how many steps you take toward it, it remains in front of you . . . limitless.   I've always lived fearlessly, with the belief that life has no boundaries -- thus my motto,  YAYOL, which stands for "You Are Your Only Limitation!"


Love at first site.  Immediately after we put the new Guinea in the coop, Joan heard them and came running (below):

Lonely Joan . . .

o u   r e   Y o u r   n l y  i m i t a t i o n

Like the horizon, life is boundless . . . 

Dare to dream beyond your immediate horizon . . .

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